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Equipe : Les Amis du Chalet Maigret Clouseau
Catégorie : Tribu
Objectif de l'équipe : 1 000 €
Objectif du coureur : 250 €
Dons récoltés : 100 €
I'm participating in the Glisse en Coeur for the first time this year, and I'm delighted to support such a worthy cause as the MEEO. I only learned to ski at the age of 30 - (twenty-ish years ago) but I'm an enthusiastic amateur - and a big fan of Chalet Maigret Clouseau, and of Le Grand Bornand! I'm of British origin and hold British and French nationality - that always makes 'le Crunch' a complicated affair, so this year I'm skiing instead of watching it.........
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Joanne Assheton
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